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What are nonviolent crimes?

  It's difficult to provide a meaningful answer without first defining the terms of reference. A good starting point is to consider what constitutes violence. Any crimin (MORE)

What is a nonviolent crime?

Any crime that is perpetrated WITHOUT violence being used. HOWEVER - SOME cirmes (especially some felony offenses) are automatically "Crimes of Violence" because of the fear a (MORE)

How do you spell nonviolent?

That is the correct spelling of the term nonviolent (not causing physical violence, as in peaceful demonstrations).
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What were Gandhi's views on nonviolence?

He preached "Ahisma" or peaceful boycott against British rule. He more than anybody else in the Indian Congress or Muslim minorities (before 1947) appeased radicalism and civi (MORE)
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What is Nonviolent confrontation?

Rather than avoiding the conflict and not assisting someone you seek ways of arbitrating/stopping the conflict without force. Usually through conversation; the usuall "hey idi (MORE)
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Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong?

yes, because it takes a certain gift to be able to communicate and settle disputes without violence of any sort. It also takes restraint and courage to not fight or hurt in an (MORE)