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What are nonviolent crimes?

It's difficult to provide a meaningful answer without first defining the terms of reference. A good starting point is to consider what constitutes violence. Any criminal ac (MORE)

What is a nonviolent crime?

Any crime that is perpetrated WITHOUT violence being used. HOWEVER - SOME cirmes (especially some felony offenses) are automatically "Crimes of Violence" because of the fear a (MORE)
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What is Nonviolent confrontation?

Rather than avoiding the conflict and not assisting someone you seek ways of arbitrating/stopping the conflict without force. Usually through conversation; the usuall "hey idi (MORE)

What are some nonviolent uses for cannons?

There are many nonviolent uses for cannons, A few: . HARP, for High Altitude Research Project, was a study of the upper atmosphere by instruments shot from a cannon . Aval (MORE)