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Was Nonviolent resistance is an effective form of protest?

yes because many business in the south were segregated and black customers were supposed to eat standing and white persons eat to sitting and sit in a demonstration in which p (MORE)
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Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong?

yes, because it takes a certain gift to be able to communicate and settle disputes without violence of any sort. It also takes restraint and courage to not fight or hurt in an (MORE)

How do nonviolence affected the daily lives of Jains in ancient India?

The Jains' emphasis on nonviolence comes from their belief that everything is alive and part of the cycle of rebirth. Jains are very serious about not injuring or killing any (MORE)

How does a nonviolent felon restore gun rights in Virginia?

The first thing you must do is have the Governor restore your civil rights. He does not restore firearm rights (see last paragraph) For a nonviolent felon it is a one page app (MORE)

Why did Gandhi want to fight with nonviolence?

Ghandi believed in love. He would not win his fights through violence, only through faith and love. Much the same as Martin Luthur King. War begets war. Therefore these two g (MORE)

Advocated nonviolent means to achieve equal rights?

Both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were advocates of  non-violent protest as a means of achieving equal rights. While  Gandhi mounted his fight for Indians under (MORE)

What is the Hindu attitude towards nonviolence?

Hinduism has been the root of teaching world nonviolence. However  Hinduism does not always teach to be nonviolent, When your dharma  is in danger it shows you to take requi (MORE)