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What is noodling?

To noodle fish you wade in waters with flooded stumps and catfish. You then walk up to an underwater stump and try to find a hole in it underwater. You then stick your arms in (MORE)

Where is noodle from the gorillaz?

Murdoc claims she's in Hell and others believe she went to searchfor her creator in Osaka, Japan.
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How do you cook noodles?

1. you have to get the noodles out and the pot you r cook it in and rinse it out 2. put water in the pot and let it boil for about until it stops boiling 3. when it is fi (MORE)

What is it to noodle?

\nmy definition is to make a small, tuneful noise that does not include words and is not a hum.
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Where is a noodle?

The noodle is in my belly. The noodle WAS in the soup. Use your noodle. Noodle, don't noodle, it's all the same...
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What makes a noodle really a noodle?

It has to be fairly long, fairly thin. Usually they are made out of some sort of flour, either rice or wheat, oil and some times egg. .
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Are noodles vegetarian?

Noodles are a grain, I believe they are. It is always important to check the label for ingredients. Some noodles have beef or chicken stock added.
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Is a lbow noodle a noodle?

an elbow noodle is just like any other noodle. the macaroni is elbow noodles. its just hollow and bent to a curve