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Is Norah Jones single or married?

She is currently engaged to Brendan Woods. He is an international arts dealer. Brendan is known for being a notorious philanthropist. He donates all the proceeds from his lucr (MORE)

Are Rickie Lee Jones and Norah Jones relatives?

No, but Norah Jones is certainly born into a faamily of pure musical pedigree, Ms. Nora Jones is the daughter of the legendary and revered sitar master Ravi Shankar. Ms. Norah (MORE)

Who is deena Jones?

  In the fictional world of DREAMGIRLS, Deena Jones is the best friend of Effie Melody White and Lorrell Robinson - together the three original members of the 60s R & B gr (MORE)

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Where is Paula Jones from?

"She is From Arkansas. She was born in the year 1966 September 17. She is the lady who sued President Bill Clinton for Sexual Harassment. Her lawsuit was dismissed before tria (MORE)