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What is a wiener schnitzel?

It comes from Vienna (Wien) in Austria. It's a flat fillet of veal  coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried until golden in colour. It  is said that in the mediaeval period (MORE)

What ingredients are in wiener schnitzel?

  Veal steak (sometimes pork steak is substituted) passed through seasoned flour, then egg wash, breadcrumbs, and gently fried in a little oil.
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What is the wiener dogs real name?

A wiener dog's real name is a dachshund.   "Wiener dog" is one of many nicknames (hot dog dog, wiener dog or  sausage dog) for the "dachshund". The name is of German orig (MORE)

What is the difference between a wiener and a frankfurter?

No significant difference. Both refer to a type of sausage which is finely ground, cured beef or pork, usually seasoned with garlic and parika, and always sold precooked. Th (MORE)

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