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What is zip code for Norfolk England?

England uses post codes, rather than ZIP codes, and these are far more specific than a ZIP code. Most parts of Norfolk belong to the NR (Norwich) postcode area, a few areas be (MORE)
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Who claimed eastern Canada for England?

John Cabot claimed eastern Canada for England. He claimed either  Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island back in 1497. Cabot was the  first white man to set foot in what we now (MORE)

What DVD region is England in?

England is in DVD region 2. More info DVD Region Code There are six different official region codes and 2 informal variations for DVDs as follows: RC | REGION / 1 | Un (MORE)

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What is in the North Eastern US region?

There are many landforms including the Appalachian Mountains and there is also the Hudson river. Probably the landform that attracts tourists is either the Empire state buildi (MORE)

Who are historical figures of England?

There Are Many Famous People In History! E.g~ 1. King John 2. King Richard The Lion Heart 3. King William 4. King Arthur Lots More!! And When You Move Onto Famous People There (MORE)

What are England 3 major historical events?

Major historical events... Great fire of London Battle of Hastings War of the Roses Union of England & Scotland Annexing of Wales to UK and, more recently... Cor (MORE)