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Where were the Robin Hood apartments in Norfolk?

The Old Robin Hood Apartments were located on Robin Hood Road, between Military Highway and Azalea Garden Road. The entire apartment complex was originally constructed ( pre a (MORE)

What are tides?

A tide is the daily rise and fall of Earth's waters. Tides occur in all bodies of water (even a puddle or a cup). The tides are caused by the interaction between the Earth's, (MORE)
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Why do you have tide?

normally tides are caused due to the gravitational forces put upon on the earth by the moon and the sun,and hence we have low and high tides based on the forces applied on the (MORE)

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Can you move to Norfolk Island to live?

There are restrictions on the number of people who may live on  Norfolk Island, and the permanent population is limited, due to the  size of the island. The permanent popula (MORE)

What is fauna emblem of Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island does not have a faunal emblem. It also does not have an official floral emblem. Its unofficial floral emblem is the Phillip Island Hibiscus, not the Norfolk Pin (MORE)