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Promised a return to normalcy?

It was Warren G. Harding who promised a 'return to normalcy' duringhis presidential campaign. Harding served as the 29th President ofthe United States.
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Who said return to normalcy?

Warren G. Harding said return to normalcy. He said this whilecampaigning to the United States President. He was elected as the29th President and served from 1921 until his dea ( Full Answer )
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Who called for a return to normalcy in 1920?

Warren G. Harding, during his presidential campaign, called for areturn to normalcy. Harding was the 29th United States President.
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Return to normalcy speech?

Return to normalcy was a campaign promise from Warren G. Harding inthe election of 1920. The goal was to return to the way life wasbefore World War I.
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Who coined normalcy?

"A return to normalcy " (i.e. a return to the way of life before) was candidate Warren G. Harding's campaign promise in the 1920 presidential election.
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Is normalcy really a word?

It is a legitimate word. If it did not exist before the Return to Normalcy, it was added to the English language afterward. Today, the word "normality" would probably be used ( Full Answer )
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President Harding's program of normalcy?

To Harding, normalcy meant a return to life as it was before WorldWar I. One thing he did was to make sure that the US was notinvolved in the League of Nations, which he felt ( Full Answer )
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Is normalsy or normalcy a word?

Yes, it is a word. It's spelled normalcy and means the state of being normal; being as expected. 'It's been great having our friends stay for a few days, but it's good to g ( Full Answer )
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What is correct normalcy or normality?

Well "normalcy" has become accepted, 90 years after Warren Harding - while still a Senator - was ridiculed for using it instead of "normality." Most US dictionaries now consid ( Full Answer )
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Why did Americans appeal to normalcy?

Most Americans wanted to return to simpler times, to what life had been like before the shock of war. Harding's slogan of 'normalcy' was a powerful idea as it means to return ( Full Answer )