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Who was Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is epic he is the reason Kratos killed himself. He  also is the person who mad the earth spin.He roundhouse kicked it a  billion years ago its still spinning. H (MORE)

Does Chuck Norris have children?

Yes: Chuch Norris' first child with Dianne Holechek is named Mike (age 46) and the next year he had 47-year-old daughter named Dina but to another woman. Then, son number two (MORE)

How many brothers does Chuck Norris have?

Mr. Chuck Norris has one surviving brother, Aaron. His brother, Wieland Clyde Norris, was killed in action in Vietnam, 1970.
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Are actors Chuck Norris and dean Norris related?

no they have nothing to do with each other and they don't even look alike
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Where is Chuck Norris now?

Chuck Norris currently lives in Texas.   Right behind you, giving you a roundhouse kick for spelling his name wrong.
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Who are Chuck Norris sons?

Norris has five children by two marriages and an ilicit relationship: By his first wife, Diane (Holecheck:) Mike (1963) and Eric (1967). By an unnamed woman: Dina (1965). (MORE)

What did Chuck Norris do?

Six consecutive Middleweight Karate World Championships, due in part to a lightning-fast, powerfully-delivered roundhouse kick. The strength of that kick was measured really h (MORE)

Is Guy Norris related to Chuck Norris?

No. Guy Norris is a Manxman. He laughs at Chuck Norris. But Chuck Norris is not a subscriber to Flight International and so will never know.
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Who is daran Norris?

Daran Norris is an actor who works in film and television, and is a  voice actor as well. He was born in Ferndale, Washington and has  been acting since 1988.
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