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When did the nazis invade north africa?

The Italians under Mussolini actually were the aggressors in Africa. Mussolini dreamed of re-establishing the glory of the Roman Empire, which led him to attempt African conqu (MORE)
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What is the largest city in North Africa?

Cairo, with nearly 10 million in the city proper and 20m  including suburbs. The largest urban area of North Africa is Lagos,  Nigeria with a population of over 12 million p (MORE)
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Is Egypt in the north part of Africa?

Egypt is found at the northeast corner of the continent of AFRICA, but the Suez Canal, which runs north to south inside of Egypt forms the border between Africa and Asia. Ther (MORE)

Is Kenya in north Africa or South Africa?

Kenya is in northern Africa. there is no north Africa since south Africa is classified as a country. you would say southern Africa. and Kanya is in northern Africa
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What was the American strategy in north Africa?

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Americans focused  their war effort on Germany and Italy in the European Theater.  There, in 1942, they first landed on North (MORE)

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