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What does not belong Florida Maine California North Dakota?

There are several possible answers for this: They all belong because they are all US states. Maine, because it is the easternmost state in the US. Florida, because it is (MORE)

What main agricultural products are grown in North Carolina?

Tobacco remains a crop of major proportions although consumption has decreased worldwide and this is a high labor and manpower product to bring to market. Sweet potatoes, cor (MORE)

What are the main crops of North Dakota?

North Dakota is a major producer of hard red spring wheat, durum, barley, oats, buckwheat, honey, canola, sunflower seeds and oil, flax and safflower.
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What are some main reasons the north won the civil war?

Much bigger population from which to recruit armies. Traditional advantage in artillery, including new rifled cannon Industrial capability - access to all kinds of war-supplie (MORE)

What was the main reason that there was more slaves in the south than in the north?

The Northern economy was industrialized. The southern economy was agrarian and there was very little mechanized machinery. Even when some mechanization was available it was st (MORE)