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Where is Yorkshire located?

Yorkshire is a county on the eastern side of the pennines, in England, just north of the 'bulge' of East Anglia.
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Who policed North Yorkshire in Victorian times?

The North Riding of Yorkshire was a county in its own right with its own county constabulary (police force). Until the creation of country councils in 1889 it was overseen by (MORE)
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What Ridings were there in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire had always been a large county and it used to be divided into three Ridings - the North, West and East Ridings - each functioning almost as an independent county.  (MORE)

When do the salmon jump at stainforth river ribble north Yorkshire?

The best months seem to be October and November, particularly November. The most fish I've seen at Stainforth Force have been on the following dates 22nd November 2007 - almos (MORE)

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What types of things can a tourist do while visiting North Yorkshire?

North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom is a county rich in beautiful landscapes, architecture and historic places of interest. Host to the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales, (MORE)