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How you can insulate a house?

well all i know is that when i looked it up it wasnt answered here but now i found on another website and thought if anyone else wanted to know i could answer      so (MORE)

What does the song 'East Northumberland High' mean?

It was the high school that the writer of the song, Samantha Moore went to in Ontario. SONG MEANING Background of song (who wrote it, why, when): Miley Cyrus Song references (MORE)
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What is pakka house?

Pakka house is house which is built of cement, iron and bricks and the type of pakka house are bunglow, multistories and flat.
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How do you play house of Anubis at your house?

well first you need a mystery and write poems and hide SOME of them in a group like in your attic if you have and also try to find old not fragile antieics and some small boxe (MORE)

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Can you run a halfway house out of your house?

you can,you do not need a license, degree, certification, or permit to open a half way house. This is because alcoholism and addiction are technically classified as disabiliti (MORE)

What is the house?

A house is defined as a home, shelter or structure that is a place of accommodation for human beings.
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What do you do if your house is haunted?

Try to make connections with the ghost   . Take it from a person with a haunted house.   hey try mine i would total try and gain contact with this ghost.  And try tak (MORE)

How do you sell your house?

First, contact a skilled real estate broker. The broker will then give his recommendations on what needs to be done as far as fixing your home. It will then be listed and the (MORE)