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How do you know if a high school boy likes you?

  They constantly stare at you    Somtimes they try to act cool in front of you, like pick on his friends and pretend to be bigger than them    sometimes they p (MORE)

How do i flirt with a boy at my high school?

First, make eye contact with him. Then if he looks at you, smile. Then you compliment him on how good he looks. If he smiles, he likes it. When he does smile, ask him his name (MORE)
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What is the average javelin throw for a high school boy?

If you're about 18 years, i would say 12 meters, if you've not had any javelin training. Given some technique and fitness training, you'll reach 15 meters pretty quick. _____ (MORE)

How does high school boys flirt?

High school boys flirt with girls by talking to them. They also  flirt by asking for their cell phone numbers and texting them.  Trying to joke around with them and sit with (MORE)