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Why do noses bleed?

Noses bleed because of tiny fragile blood vesels on the inside of your nose which lie very close to the surface of the skin. These can break due to the hot weather when the in (MORE)
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Why do we have nose hair?

Main function is to keep things from entering the lungs from the nasal cavities. They actually block a lot of particles, dust, allergens etc.
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Do dolphins have a nose?

  Dolphins don't have noses but they do have blowholes just like humans breath with their noses and dolphins breath with their blowhole so they dont have noses but have b (MORE)

Maori nose to nose greeeting?

This is called "Hongi". A Hongi is a traditional Māori greeting in New Zealand. It is done by pressing one's nose and forehead to another person at an encounter. It is still (MORE)

Can you pick your nose if you have a nose piercing?

Yes, you can, but it hurts if you just had it done. Other than that, it doesn't hurt at all! It just feels weird doing it the first few times because you have to work around y (MORE)

Will your nose be blocked after a nose job?

  "Although rhinoplasty is usually considered to be safe and successful, several complications can arise. Post operative bleeding is uncommon and often resolves without ne (MORE)

Have a dry nose?

I don't know if your asking for help on a dry nose but I'm going to assume. What really helps is to take a Q-tip or cotton swab (same thing) and put some Vaseline or petroleum (MORE)