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What is nose?

  Answer   a nose is something that is apart of your face that you can breath through.... :)
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What does your nose do?

Your nose helps smell and also helps you get the flavor of food you eat. your nose has 2 hols in it that have hair inside and sometimes boogers grow inside the air that yo (MORE)
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What do our noses do?

It cleans the air that you breath in.And your mouth does not   So you can smell, taste, breathe, and catch dust and bateria so it doesn't harm your body.
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How do you get a nose?

You are normally born with a nose. If you were born without one or  you lost yours due to an accident or assault, then you should see a  cosmetic surgeon.
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What can your nose do?

a nose is a part of your body and it helps you to breath and smell there are to holes at the bottom of your nose they are called nostrils but if you look very close they both (MORE)
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What if you had no nose?

Well my dear friend, humans without noses, would not be humans? The human would be easier to kill, without noses, though i do not mean for murderers to start chopping of nos (MORE)