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What causes nosebleeds?

Sports Causes Nosebleeds. If you do get persistant nose bleeds through one nasal passage. Then you could have an rupturing blood vessle. There is nothing to be afraid off. As (MORE)
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Why do you get nosebleeds?

You get nosebleeds from reasons like if you pick it, or it can bleed if one of your blood vessels are weaker than normal.. You get nosebleeds from reasons like if you pick it (MORE)

How do you prevent nosebleeds?

try putting Vaseline or nose spray. It works for me! I put it every time i have a nosebleed. also If you have allergies like me, and you get a nosebleed every time you go outs (MORE)

How do you stop a nosebleed?

To stop a nosebleed pinch nose below the bridge with a soft towel. TIP HEAD FROWARD NOT BACKWARDS. if you tip backwards blood runs down your throat in to you stomach which is (MORE)
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What do you do when you have a nosebleed?

A very common thing people do when they get nosebleeds is take a tissue and stick it up the nostril that's bleeding in order to stifle the blood. This is effective, but it's n (MORE)
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What is the treatment for nosebleed?

1. sit the casualty down with his head well forward. Do not let his head tip back; blood may run down the back of the throat, which can induce vomiting. 2.ask the casualty to (MORE)