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What does cave Nosferatu mean?

nosferatu means "the bird of death" and cave added on to that would mean "cave of the bird of death" nosferatu is a German word.
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Where was Nosferatu from?

Der ursprüngliche Film und seine neue überarbeitung wurden in Deutschland gefilmt. Die Buchstaben leben und die meisten der Tätigkeit findet in einer fiktiven deuts (MORE)
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Why is the movie Nosferatu rated PG?

Suggested MPAA Rating: PG for Scary Thematic Material and Historic Smoking none Violence & Gore scenes of blood sucking but nothing graphic Profanity none Alcoh (MORE)
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What is nosferatu about?

Um it's just another Dracula story. Sorry but I have never read it but if you do read it tell me how it was!
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Who are nosferatu or vampires?

One very famous and well-known vampire is Count Dracula. He was written by Bram Stroker a very long time ago. Ever since there have been many movies about him. Look up Count D (MORE)
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Is vampire called nosferatu?

Yes in Greece Nosferatu is a known synonym for vampire. It means plague carrier. Count Orlock is best known as Nosferatu because he brought a plague to the city of Bremen.
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How do you spell Nosferatu in plural form?

The plural form of Nosferatu is Nosferatu . It is a classification of supernatural creatures (vampires), not the name of a single individual. In the 1922 film of the same nam (MORE)
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Is nosferatu a vampire?

The 1922 Nosferatu is a German Horror film about Vampires where thetitle character Nosferatu is a Vampire by the name of Count Orlov.Nosferatu is also a Vampire Clan in Vampir (MORE)