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What does notoriety mean?

Answer . Well known, but for bad things. The opposite of notoriety is obscurity or might even be honor oresteem.
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What rhymes with notoriety?

3 syllables: piety. 4 syllables: anxiety, propriety, sobriety, society, variety. 5 syllables: high society, impropriety. 6 syllables: building society, secret socie ( Full Answer )
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Use notoriety in a sentence?

Barack Obama gained a considerable amount of notoriety for being the first black citizen to become the President of the United States.
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How would you use notoriety in a sentence?

Fame had always been her dream, but apparently she eventually decided that notoriety was just as good, and easier to achieve. The notoriety of the defendant's attorney, ( Full Answer )
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How do you lose notoriety on Skyrim?

There isn't notoriety in Skyrim. Instead, a bounty system existsfor each hold. You can get rid of your bounty by going to jail,paying the bounty, or paying off Delvin of the T ( Full Answer )
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When did Godsmack gain notoriety?

Many would argue that Godsmack's first two EP's didn't gain them the fame that they have acquired to date. Many would argue it was the band's tour with the Ozzfest that really ( Full Answer )