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What is the French 'nous' in English?

We or Us may be English equivalents of 'nous' . The word in French may be used as the subject pronoun 'we' or as the object pronoun 'us'. It's pronounced 'noo'.
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What is the meaning of nous?

When used as an objective pronoun, "nous" is "we".. eg. Nous jouons au foot. = We play football.. When used as a direct object pronoun, "nous" is "us". Note it is used befo ( Full Answer )
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Why do people go nou camp?

People go to the Nou Camp which means New Fields just to watch Barcelona play their great football.
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What is bigger. the nou camp or the bernabeu?

The Camp Nou is bigger than the Santiago Bernabeu, as the Nou Camp holds 98,787 and the Santiago Bernabeu holds 80,354
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How do you pronounce ce que nous nous appredre aujourd'hui?

I believe you're thinking of "Qu'est-ce que nous nous apprendre aujourd'hui?" Which means, "What will we learn today?". Kesst kuh new new app-rand-ruh oh-juurd-whee? That ( Full Answer )
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What does nous t'aimons davantage mean?

je t'aime (first person singular) davantage means I love you more; nous t'aimons (first person plural) davantage means 'we love you more'.
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What is tu nous manques in french?

We miss you. It is used to say that it is inverted compared to English. To be more precise the subject and the object are inverted (a direct object in English, an indirect ( Full Answer )
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Is Nous Avons feminine or masculine?

It can be both. Nous avons means we have. So it depends if 'nous' so 'we' is whether masculine or feminine.
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Why is nous repeated in the phrase nous nous lavons?

The first nous is as you understand it -- the subject pronoun 'we'. The second nous is the direct object meaning ourselves. The infinitive of the verb is se laver, a reflex ( Full Answer )
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What does nous nous mean in french?

nous nous is used with reflexive verbs and means ourselves nous lavons : we are washing nous nous lavons : we are washing ourselves