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What is a novel?

A novel is basically a long, written, fictional story of 55,000words or more; virtually every culture and language has generatedfamous novels that enthrall readers with langua ( Full Answer )
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What is the novel?

"The novel" is a bunch of infinite books that teach you about life. They all have literary terms and a theme. They all try to teach you something or just confuse you.
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Why was Novel called a novel of manners?

i think novel is free and was written for all the stage of people i mean all those who knew and also know reading or can,t and also give many lesson and give more knowledge an ( Full Answer )
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What makes a novel a classic novel?

Classic works generally point out human conditions. Writers often express such conditions by incorporating influential life themes into their works, such as love, loss, justic ( Full Answer )
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What does novel mean in novel H1N1?

The word "novel" was selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to distinguish this H1N1 virus from all the other H1N1 viruses because the 2009 pandemic ( Full Answer )
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What is novel and what are the kinds of novel in detail?

Novel is a fictional story. Examples include the Harry Potter books, Velveteen Rabbit, and Winnie the Pooh. There are several types of novels- Romance (love stories) science ( Full Answer )
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How do you chat on novell?

Right click on the red "N" in the system tray. Then go to "Novell Utilities" and choose "Send Message"
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Why do novels have prologues?

A prologue tells something that happened before the novel begins,but which is important to the story.
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Why is the novel Holes an adventure novel?

because stanley goes through alot to find the truth and he and zero go on an adventure to God's thumb
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What novel is written in series of novels?

well, i dont fully understand the question, but I know of some really good stories. Well if you like the legend of spyro series, and romance/adventure. there are three stories ( Full Answer )