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What is the value of a 5000 Reichsmark bill dated November 19 1922?, a major German collectibles site, lists an estimated  retail value as of 01/2015 at roughly US$3 for a bill in average  condition. An uncirculated one can sell (MORE)

What is a November 19 1922 50000 funfzigtausend mark worth?

Despite their age and apparent high value, most of these notes were churned out in such huge numbers as Weimar Germany tried to keep up with hyperinflation (*) that they becam (MORE)

Where could a Reichsbanote Funfzigtaufend 50000 mark from November 19 1922 be sold?

You might call around to some dealers listed in the phone book or visit a local coin show. But to be honest, unless the bill is in almost pristine condition you probably wou (MORE)

Who won the Jeopardy college tournament on November 19 2010?

The Jeopardy College Championship was won by Erin McLean a sophomore from Boston University from Danvers, Massachusetts The November 19 2010 Jeopardy game was won by Sam Sp (MORE)

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