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What does pi alpha nu mean?

pi stands for pie which is an number that ithink you divide the number is 3.14159265 π this is the simble of pi im not sure about the other ones
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What is Sigma Nu about?

Sigma Nu is a brotherhood of men devoted to the principles of love, truth, and honor. Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Institute as a fraternity against hazing, and s (MORE)

What is Phi Nu?

Phi Nu, pertaining to what? There are many things that could be an answer.. I'll list a few, let me know if any are right.. PHI (Philippine Long Distance Telephone (ADR)) - (MORE)

Who is nu dimension?

Nu Dimension is a pop group out of Richmond Va,with songs such as "Atmospheric Heartattack" and "Quarantine" check them out at

How do you spell nus?

That is the word for more than one Greek letter nu, nus . However, the common English words might be: NEWS - current information NOOSE - a circular loop, as of rope (connec (MORE)

Who is madam nu?

I think you mean Madam N h u - she was the sister-in-law of President Ngo Dinh Diem, ruler of South Vietnam from 1955 - 63, the wife of his brother and chief political adv (MORE)

What is NU leather?

NU leather is an artificial leather-like material that isanimal-free and does not contain PVC. It is a high qualitymaterial.
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Who were the hsiung nu?

The Hsiung Nu (shyoong noo_) were a group of nomadic people wholived in and around Mongolia and parts of Siberia. They areconsidered the first such group to have a kind of gov (MORE)