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Is Slipknot Nu Metal?

Slipknot is not nu metal. Slipknot is actually in the genre of Shock Rock. Nu Metal consists of metal with a bass groove, and a hip hop backround. Slipknot does not in any way (MORE)

Who would win The Nu Gundam or the Wing Gundam Zero?

By gathering statistics, I would say that the RX-93 Nu Gundam would out-perform the Wing Gundam. The Nu Gundam is superior due to it's Funnels. If we're assuming that the pilo (MORE)

Is 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' a Dutch phrase?

Yes it is Dutch, but the type of Dutch spoken in the middle ages.  It is a typical phrase often found on old Dutch clocks called  'Zaanse clocks'. It's like a phrase found o (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3?

Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3 is available at LovelySkin, Apothecarie New York, ObagiProducts, DermSweets, Top Skin Care, FaceMedix, Beautyriche, and Anu-Skin.
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What is 'Nu Elck Syn Sin' in German?

Jedem das Seine is a German equivalent of the Dutch 'Nu Elck Syn Sin'. The Dutch saying literally means 'Every man to his taste'. That's the same meaning as 'To each his own', (MORE)

The poem of silvery beach by nu yin?

SILVERY BEACH (nu yin) Once For relations I visited this place Alone On this silvery beach Beside the clifffs I walked in thought. I gazed at the endless sea And i pondered (MORE)

Which university is better in Pakistan FAST NU or Comsats?

comsats has proved it to be king of it and computer science by beating fast by 7 points and by beating uet and iiui it has proved to be best as it is at 9th in overall top ten (MORE)

What is the sigma nu secret handshake?

It is called a secret for a reason. It is a special privilege reserved for those who are found worthy enough to bear the designation of a Knight.
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