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Is Slipknot Nu Metal?

Slipknot is not nu metal. Slipknot is actually in the genre of Shock Rock. Nu Metal consists of metal with a bass groove, and a hip hop backround. Slipknot does not in any way (MORE)

The poem of silvery beach by nu yin?

SILVERY BEACH (nu yin) Once For relations I visited this place Alone On this silvery beach Beside the clifffs I walked in thought. I gazed at the endless sea And i pondered (MORE)
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What is Nu Leather furniture?

Fake leather. Nu is a trendy way to say fake or false without thenegative connotations. Take nu "metal" for, example..
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What does nu on the cable box mean?

It basically means the box is re-booting, if its a Scientific Atlanta box that is. If it says HAL2 boot or a spinning circle after that, no prob but if it shows four dashes an (MORE)

What is meaning of phi nu pi?

Phi Nu Phi is the motto of the evolved fraternity, Alpha Kappa Nu.  It means "Friends Never Part."   PHI NU PI:   Phi = Friends   Nu = Never   Pi = Part   (MORE)

What is the sigma nu secret handshake?

It is called a secret for a reason. It is a special privilege reserved for those who are found worthy enough to bear the designation of a Knight.
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What does the word nu mean in yiddish?

You've struck one of those words that's virtually un-translatable. Here's an attempt: Married couple are getting ready to go out and meet another couple for a fancy dinner (MORE)

Who is madam nu?

  I think you mean Madam Nhu - she was the sister-in-law of President Ngo Dinh Diem, ruler of South Vietnam from 1955 - 63, the wife of his brother and chief political adv (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in NU er det NU - 2000?

The cast of NU er det NU - 2000 includes: Niels Bender as Dog (Danish version) (segment "Hundebanden") Frederik Berling as Dog (segment "Hundebanden") Peppe Forsblom as (segme (MORE)