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Do blood have proteases and nucleases?

No, human blood does not include the enzymes, nucleases and  proteases. In human   beings, blood serum contains different types of protease  inhibitors, which protect th (MORE)
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What is a nuclease?

  A nuclease is an enzyme capable of cleaving the phosphodiester bonds between the nucleotide subunits of nucleic acids

Do human cells contain a nuclease?

Nuclease are enzymes in a cell that break apart RNA and DNA so that their parts can be recycled, and yes human cells contain these enzymes.     If you meant nucleus, w (MORE)
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What is the product of nuclease?

The product of nuclease mainly include 5´-phosphoryl-terminated  and tetranucleotides. This after DNA and RNA are degraded  endonucleolytically by the S1 nuclease.