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What are nucleons?

Nucleons Nucleons are subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons , that exist in the nuclei (plural of nucleus ) of atoms. Though a proton or neutron can exist (MORE)

How do you calculate nucleons?

I dont know all i know is wiki answers are false and do no take information from he as reliable...use yahooo answers as their is more variety as wiki answers dont know anythin (MORE)
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What is a nucleon?

Nucleon The term nucleon is applied to either of the constituent components of the nucleus of an atom. That means that either a proton or a neutron could be a nucleon wh (MORE)
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Is the positron a nucleon?

No, a positron is not a nucleon. The term nucleon is applied to one of the two constituent particles that make up the nucleus of an atom. Those are the proton and the neu (MORE)

Is the electron a nucleon or not?

The term nucleon signifies any particle that is present inside the nucleus of an atom. We know that the nucleus of any atom contains only two particles which are proton an (MORE)
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What is an uncharged nucleon?

The uncharged nucleon is the neutron . We use the term nucleon to refer to the particles that make up an atomic nucleus. These you know to be protons and neutrons. You also k (MORE)

What is nucleonic flowmeter?

Nucleonic Density gauges send a focused beam of radiation from the source holder to a detector mounted on the opposite side of the process pipe or vessel. As the density withi (MORE)