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What is a nucleosome?

Part of Chromatin. Smaller units made of DNA & histone octamers (8). 2 of each: H2A, H2B, H3, H4, all attached to the larger H1.
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How are histones reated to nucleosomes?

A nucleosome is a complex made of 8 histones with DNA wrappedaround it approximately twice. Histone 1 probably serves to helpstabilize the further wrapping of the nucleosomes ( Full Answer )
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How are nucleosomes formed?

Nucleosomes are the basic repeating units of chromatin which is acombination of DNA and proteins that make up the content's of acell's nucleus. Nucleosomes are made of a histo ( Full Answer )
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Structure of a nucleosome?

The structure of a nucleosome is a segment of DNA wound in sequencearound eight histone protein cores. This looks much like threadwound around a spool. A nucleosome is the bas ( Full Answer )
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List two roles of nucleosomes?

a. They pack together to form a think fiber. b. They help to separate chromosomes.
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Dyad axis DNA nucleosome?

The Nucleosome has an approximate two fold axis of symmetry which is called the Dyad Axis. So when you rotate the Nucleosome by 180 degree you would observe the similar view o ( Full Answer )
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Where are nucleosomes found?

Nucleosomes are the basic unit of DNA packaging in eukaryotes. Theyare made of a segment of DNA wound around a histone protein core, astructure often compared to thread wrappe ( Full Answer )
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What do nucleosomes comprise of?

The nucleosome is the basic repeating subunit of chromatin. It consists of a nucleosome core particle of 146-147 base pairs of DNA wound 1.67 times around a histone octomer. I ( Full Answer )
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What is the job of nucleosomes?

Nucleosomes are able to fold enormous lengths of DNA into the tiny available space in the cell nucleus.