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What does nudge mean?

A nudge is when someone gently pushes another to gain attention orgive them a signal. It can also mean to come closer.

Who is nudge in maximum ride?

Nudge is an eleven year old girl who has the same abilities as Max. She is also telepathic, but only to metal. She is the second oldest member in the flock, but only because M (MORE)
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What does wink wink nudge nudge mean?

it means when someone prompt you,.it is usually used when someone isn't replying. it makes a loud noise and move your screen so as you can know that someone says something

What is a nudge in backgammon?

A nudge is a way to deal with players who go AFK (Away From Keyboard). When the player whose turn it is is nudged, and they do not make a move for 30 seconds, they are kicke (MORE)