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What is the historical significance of interposition and nullification?

Interposition: means that a state of the U.S. may oppose any federal action it believes encroaches on its power  Nullification: refers to a U.S state refusing to enforce a f (MORE)

What is a nullification theory?

  When John C. Calhoun championed the Nullification Theory prior to the Civil War, it was the forerunner of what is now called States' Rights. The argument of the Nullific (MORE)

Why did the nullification crisis?

The nullification crisis happened because the Congress made a law raising tariffs (taxes on imported goods). The South, thought it was more in favor of the North and did not w (MORE)

What was the Nullification Crisis?

    The Nullification Crisis was a sectional crisis during the presidency of Andrew Jackson created by the Ordinance of Nullification, an attempt by the state of South (MORE)