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Can an adoption be nullified?

If there is a procedural mistake, an illegal act or other flaw in the process a court may decide to nullify an adoption. The court would probably consider the best interests o ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word nullify in a sentence?

Nullify is a verb that means cancel, rescind, invalidate,revoke, or void. North Carolina wanted to be able to nullify federal laws thataffected slavery. Improper instal ( Full Answer )
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How do you use nullify in a sentence?

The crowd waited in anxious silence to see if the referee wouldnullify the goal. Some synonyms for nullify are undo, veto, repeal,void, and wipe out.
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Sentence with nullify?

The word nullify is a verb. The lawyer argued for the court tonullify the law by finding it unconstitutional.
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What does nullifies mean?

To nullify means to render ineffective. If you nullify a contract. a warranty, or even a marriage, the effect is as if the thing had never happened. In law ( which is sometime ( Full Answer )
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What do you mean by nullifying friction?

To nullify means to eradicate or end something. Friction is a type of force. To nullify friction you would need to reduce the source that is causing the friction in the first ( Full Answer )
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How do you nullify a will?

Assuming you are the testator, you would execute a subsequent will nullifying any prior will. Added: If you are challenging the will, you would have to raise the issue of t ( Full Answer )
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Which are synonyms for nullify?

Synonyms for nullify include abate, abolish, annul, counteract, restrict, repeal, rescind, undo, veto, void, squash, scrub, abrogate, offset and renig.
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What does it mean by nullify?

Turn on the light, turn off the light. Turning off the light, nullifies the action of turning on the light -- to undo.