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How much is XCVI in English numbers?

The Roman Numeral 'XCVI' : X = 10 C = 100 V = 5 I = 1 BUT! The 'X' is in front of the 'C' so this means 'XC' would be 90 + 'VI' would be 6 so the total of XCVI would be 96.
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How do you spell the number 4 in English?

This is how you spell the number 4: four. You should always write  out this number as a word if you plan to use it at the beginning of  a sentence, such as, "Four hours have (MORE)

How do you spell or pronounce the numbers in English?

0=Nought/Zero   1=One   2=Two   3=Three   4=Four   5=Five   6=Six   7=Seven   8=Eight   9=Nine   10=Ten   11=Eleven  1 (MORE)
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What is number agreement in English grammar?

Number Agreement A noun and the words that modify that noun must agree in number. Nouns that cannot be counted or divided, such as "oil," "happiness," and "furniture," requir (MORE)

Which single word in the English language has the highest number of different meanings?

dude because however you say it, it has a different meaning. If I said DUDE im approving something, but if i said dude then maybe i think its gross. you get the idea meaning o (MORE)

What is the French word for the English word 'or'?

The French word ou often has the same meaning as the English word 'or' as well as it's other meaning which is the same as the English word "where".   Addition by crisdean : (MORE)

Numbers 1-100 translated from french to English?

0 | zéro | [zay-ro] / 1 | un | [uh] / 2 | deux | [duhr] / 3 | trois | [twa] / 4 | quatre | [katr] / 5 | cinq | [sank] / 6 | six | [sees] / 7 | sept | [set] / 8 | huit | [weet (MORE)