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What does the notation 'lv' mean in music?

It means "Let Vibrate". In actuality you usually see lv with a tie from the note that goes to nothing. The usual playing direction for lv is to let the note ring as long as it (MORE)

What does ritard mean in music notation?

It means to slow the tempo for a given piece of music. Often a dashed line extends from the word to where it no longer applies. At the end of the dashed line a new tempo shoul (MORE)
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What does PP mean in music notation?

The notation p in music stands for "piano", meaning "softly." The notation pp in music stands for "pianissimo", meaning "very softly."
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What does f mean in music notation?

In music notation, f is an abbreviation for forte which is a dynamic term meaning loud or strong. This denotes that the section of the music should be played loudly. Here is a (MORE)

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What was the earliest notated European music?

The earliest known notated European music is believed to have been the Gregorian Chant.    Scholar and music theorist Isidore of Seville, writing in the early  7th ... (MORE)

What do musical notations and chemical notations have in common?

they both are short hand ways of writing a equation. like h2o = water. and when playing the saxophone the a note is not writen as an a it is writen as a muical note. so to sum (MORE)
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What does p mean in music notation?

p stands for piano in musical notation. It is a dynamic marking which indicates the piece or section should be played soft.
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What is the purpose of music notation?

Without the work of all the great masters notating music, we would today have no music to read or play. Music notation, is ... the notation of music ... writing out the notes (MORE)
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