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Rules of converting numbers to scientific notation?

In converting numbers into scientific notation, first you should move the decimal point such that there would be one significant figure to the left of the decimal point. Exa (MORE)
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What is number-and-word notation for 222862239242?

222,862,239,242 / Two hundred twenty-two billion eight hundred sixty-two million two hundred thirty-nine thousand two hundred forty-two.
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What is 58400000000000 in number and word notation?

Number: 58,400,000,000,000   Word: fifty-eight trillion, four hundred billion
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What is the purpose of music notation?

Without the work of all the great masters notating music, we would today have no music to read or play. Music notation, is ... the notation of music ... writing out the notes (MORE)
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What is a number in a scientific notation?

Scientific notation is usually used to represent large numbers. For example - the number 123,400,000,000,000,000 can be represented in scientific notation as 1.234 x 1017. It' (MORE)