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What is the denominator and numerator?

They are both parts of a fraction. The denominator is the bottom number, what the equation is out of, 2/3 , in this case the denominator is the number 3. and the numerator is (MORE)

What are the Roman numerals?

In the short term,   I= 1   V= 5   X= 10   L= 50   C= 100   D= 500   M= 1,000    ''''''''''''''''   _   If it has a line over it, it (MORE)

What is a common numeral?

a common numeral is how you write a number. Ex: 4,000+200+7= 4,207 how we commonly say and write it is 4,207
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What is numerical set?

A numerical set would be a set whose members are numbers: {5, -3, 0, 3/7, sqrt(2), pi, ...}. Your question might also be answered by explaining what is meant by the sets of N (MORE)

What is Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals are a numeral system of ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet, which are combined to signify the sum of their values.
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What is numerical order?

an ordering of people or things identified by number from the lowest to the highest
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What is numeric model?

A numeric model is a mathematical model of a phenomenon which is expressed in numbers. Example:   How ling does it take to fill a barrel of water if the flow in is 25 lite (MORE)