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What is the nutcracker about?

The Nutcracker is a dance done by many companies. Clara, the lead role is having a party on Christmas Eve. Her Uncle Drosslmire, who is a toy maker, gives Ckara a nutcracker. (MORE)

Where was the nutcracker invented?

the nutcracker got invented in germany and i know cause i was born there acctialy everything that has to do with christmas is from there even the christmas tree germany is the (MORE)
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What is a nutcracker?

a nutcracker is a wooden doll dressed as a solider. you put the nut in his mouth to crack the nut note: it is also a boy's penis (the weenie. the thing they pee with)
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When did the nutcracker come out?

The book was first published in 1816. The ballet first premiered on December 18, 1892. 1816: E. T. A. Hoffman published his book "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". This wo (MORE)
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Is there two nutcrackers in nutcracker?

In The story of the Nutcracker. There is only one nutcracker. Clara receives the nutcracker as a present from her aunt. Her Uncle Drocilmiar (sorry is this is misspelled) br (MORE)