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What is the storyline of the nutcracker?

Clara (or the lead girl) likes an older boy (Peter) who attends the party that Clara's family hosts. Then Clara get a Nutcracker from her Uncle Drossylmyer put when Clara and (MORE)
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Who is Clara in the Nutcracker?

Clara is one of the main parts in the nutcracker. She is a young girl who gets a nutcracker for christmas. Her brother brakes it and she has a dream about her nutcracker comin (MORE)
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What is the Nutcracker Suit about?

the ballet the nutcracker is about a girl Clara that gets a nutcracker doll from her magical great uncle and it comes to life. the nutcracker kills the rat king that tries to (MORE)
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Why do they call nutcracker statues nutcrackers?

The Nutcracker was originally a toy soldier thing with a mouth that opened and closed. You could put a nut into the nutcracker's mouth and close the mouth, cracking the shell (MORE)

Who wrote the nutcracker?

Peter I. Tschaikovsky composed "The Nutcracker" as both a ballet and as an orchestral suite. E.T.A. Hoffman There are no spoken words in ballets, but the music for The Nutcr (MORE)

Is The Nutcracker copyrighted?

The Nutcracker music is in the public domain (not copyrighted), which is why it is used in so many Christmas specials -- I learned that from Lisa Simpson on one of the Simpson (MORE)
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What is the nutcracker about?

The Nutcracker is a dance done by many companies. Clara, the lead role is having a party on Christmas Eve. Her Uncle Drosslmire, who is a toy maker, gives Ckara a nutcracker. (MORE)
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What is a Clark nutcracker?

it's a bird. i think it's in the same family as the blue jay? i don't know.
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How long is the nutcracker?

It depends on which one you see. most are about two hours though. Please come see the Jose mateo nutcracker this year. I am in it!
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Who is the queen in the nutcracker?

answer 1 there is no queen it is not a princess tale its about a girl who went on a adventure with a nutcracker. the only queen is the snow queen but she doesnt rule the land (MORE)