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What is absorptive nutrition?

Fungi feed using enzymes and absorption. The hyphae of fungi, are able to screte digestive enzymes out into the soil or other surrounds in which they grow. The ezymes then dig (MORE)
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What is a nutrient?

A nutrient is a substance in food that the body needs in order to work properly. Nutrients refer to the substances that are metabolized by the  animals to build energy and pr (MORE)

Where do animals get their nutrition from?

Animals get their nutrition much the same way as humans do. They find nutrition in what they eat, whether it be in plants and/or other animals. (Herbivores find nutrition sole (MORE)
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What is biological nutrition?

Biological Nutrition is that branch of nutrition science which emphasizes the importance of detoxification, elimination and high quality nutrients through orthotrophic diet as (MORE)
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What is nutrients?

Nutrient is a Substance that provides energy to human body. The lackness of nutrients in body leads to health issues.
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Write a list of conditions that result from under-nutrition or from an excess of nutrients?

Overnutrition: Obesity   Undernutrition:   * Anemia (iron deficiency)  * Beriberi (lack of Thiamine, vitamin B1)  * Scurvy (lack of Vitamin C)  * Rickets (lack of Vit (MORE)