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Are apples nutritious?

Yes. Answer . Apples are bursting with minerals and vitamins like other fruits, although they provide a bit of potassium and vitamin C. Apples are also good source for contr (MORE)

Why are strawberries nutritious?

they contain more vitamin C than any other berry.They are high in folic acid,potassium,dietary fiber and manganese.Strawberries have antioxidants (anthocynanins and ellagic ac (MORE)

What is a nutritious meal?

I would suggest: . Breakfast: . a fruit (citrus are great! Oranges, grapefruit, ect. really keep you wide awake!) . ditch the coffee (coffee leads to heart problems, migrai (MORE)

What does nutritious mean?

Food that is nutritious is full of natural substances that your body needs to stay healthy or grow well. Nutritious means high in nutrition. a food at which is good for one (MORE)

Are goldfish nutritious?

Well, that depends on if you're talking about the cracker or the fish! The cracker, is just junk food, but mmm, the most delicious "Junk food" in the world! The fish itself pr (MORE)