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Describe the assumptions and conclusions of the Nye investigations?

The Senate Nye Investigation Committee insisted that the US had been maneuvered into WW I by "merchants of death," industries that benefited from the war because it meant prof (MORE)

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Is Bill Nye The Science Guy Dead?

No, Bill Nye the Science Guy is not dead. There was a spoof article in which it was reported that he was killed in a vinegar/baking soda explosion, but that was not true. Th (MORE)

What were the findings of the Nye committee?

Senator Gerald Nye held hearings to look into why the US got involved in WWI in the mid 1930s. His committee came to the conclusions that sales of weapons and loans by America (MORE)
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Who is bill nye?

  He is a Professor on a tv show called "Bill Nye The Science Guy". He tries to make learning funny to make kids think they are watching a show meant for comedy.  
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Where did bill nye go to college?

Bill Nye went to Cornell as an undergraduate and received his B.S. in mechanical engineering. He also has multiple honorary doctorate degrees from other institutions.
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Nye committee hearings?

The Nye Committee hearings were held to determine if the  allegations that the real cause for the United States entering  World War I was purely for profit were true. The he (MORE)

What are facts about Naomi Shihab Nye?

Naomi Shihab Nye is a Palestinian-American novelist, poet, and  songwriter. As a child, she was encouraged to read very often, thus  influencing her path towards becoming a (MORE)

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