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Is nylon vegan?

It's definitely possible to make nylon without using animal  products, and that is the most common method.   Some ingredients of some kinds of nylon can be derived from  (MORE)
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Can you wash nylon?

  I wash nylon, rayon, and almost everything else in the washing machine on a gentle cold wash. I only put fabric softner and washing powder in and then hang it to dry. As (MORE)
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What is denier nylon?

  Denier nylon is a unit of measuring the thickness/weight of a thinly spun fiber. It indicates the material's durability, plus the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns - (MORE)

Which plant do you get nylon from?

Nylon is an artificial material and does not come from a plant. That is not entirely true nylon is made from by products of oil and oil comes from plant's. so one could say t (MORE)

How does nylon feel?

Nylon is a man made polymer whose characteristics can be changed with additives and manufacturing to meet the needs of the application. It can feel like anything you'd like. F (MORE)

Who invented nylon?

Wallace Carrothers, an absolutely brilliant organic chemist who worked for DuPont, and battled severe depression all his life. Carrothers wanted to give something to mankind t (MORE)

How do you shrink nylon?

Nylon can be difficult to shrink. You can try washing the item in  hot water and then drying it in a hot dryer. Let the dryer run for  several minutes after the item is drie (MORE)