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Is nylon vegan?

It's definitely possible to make nylon without using animal  products, and that is the most common method.   Some ingredients of some kinds of nylon can be derived from  (MORE)

Why was nylon created?

Nylon was created to replace silk because silk is so expensive and hard to get.
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How can you bleach nylon?

Regular bleach 'chlorine' will ruin nylon. Instead use RIT color remover. You can re-dye afterwards with an acid dye.
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What is dobby nylon?

Dobby fabric refers to any type of cloth that uses a dobby weave. Dobby weaving machines raise or lower the warp threads, i.e. those that run the length of the fabric, during (MORE)

What is made out of nylon?

Stuff made from Nylon: Parachute Trackie bottoms Shorts Swimwear Umbrellas Luggage Netting of bride veils Tires Life vest Wetsuits Bikinis Waterproof bags The mascara brush M (MORE)
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What is denier nylon?

  Denier nylon is a unit of measuring the thickness/weight of a thinly spun fiber. It indicates the material's durability, plus the fineness of fiber filaments and yarns - (MORE)

What are advantages of nylon?

Nylon is very cheap to make so therefore it is a lot cheaper to buy.
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How does nylon feel?

Nylon is a man made polymer whose characteristics can be changed with additives and manufacturing to meet the needs of the application. It can feel like anything you'd like. F (MORE)

Who discovered nylon?

Nylon was not discovered it was invented. Wallace Carothers first produced it in 1935 at the DuPont Experimental Station.
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The disadvantages of nylon?

Nylon absorbs water and retains odors. It also grow mold and fungus  because it is so porous and retains water. It also tends to shrink  and is not biodegradable.