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What kind of volcano is Lake Nyos?

Lake Nyos is a crater lake located in the Northwest region ofCameroon. It is a deep lake high on the flank of the inactivevolcano in the oku volcanic plain along the Cameroon (MORE)
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Pwede ba makahingi ng kopya ng sabayang bigkas nyo?

Ako ay Pilipino C.M. VEGA Ako'y Pilipinong Hindi yumuyuko sa ibig lumupig na banyagang-dugo; habang may layunin di takot sa punlo, ang kalayaan ko'y laging nakatayo (MORE)
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What is the environmental problem with Lake Nyos?

Lake Nyos is one of three world killer lakes. Due to build up of CO2 at the lake bed, whenever pressure is disturbed due to volcanic or seismic activities this CO2 can be rele (MORE)
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Is there any places lakes similar to lake nyos?

yes Lake Monoun is also a crater lake that is so still CO 2 builds up at the bottom until it explodes, displacing all the air on the ground, suffocating everything in range (MORE)
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Why was the event at lake nyos possible?

Due to build up of CO2 gas at the bottom of the lake. With a small volcanic or seismic activity the gas was released to the surface killing thousands.
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What has the author Khin Nyo Nyo written?

Khin Nyo Nyo has written: 'Central banking in Southeast Asia' -- subject(s): Banks and banking, Central, Central Banks and banking