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What is nystagmus?

Commonly, nystagmus is defined as rapid, repeated movements of the eyes. Clinically, physiological nystagmus is a type of eye movement characterized by alternating slow phase (MORE)
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The nystagmus test has to do with?

The nystagmus test has to do with checking eye movement, which isnot voluntary. This movement may result in limited vision. Onenystagmus test, caloric reflex test is by fillin (MORE)
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If someone has nystagmus can they receive disability?

If the Nystagmus condition this person has is severe enough, then yes they can qualify for Disability benefits. However it is not the simple fact of having Nystagmus that will (MORE)
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What are the causes of nystagmus?

There are many causes of nystagmus. Nystagmus may be present at birth. It may be a result of the lack of development of normal binocular fixation early on in life. This can oc (MORE)
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What are the symptoms of nystagmus?

Nystagmus can be classified depending upon the type of motion of the eyes. In pendular nystagmus the speed of motion of the eyes is the same in both directions. In jerk nystag (MORE)
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Does Frank Langella have nystagmus?

Yes. Nystagmus is a neurological condition that causes the eyeball to move involuntarily. Glasses do not correct the condition. Surgery can temporarily reduce the frequency of (MORE)
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What does one suffer from if one has nystagmus?

There are many different types of Nystagmus. The general nature of the disorder, is an involuntary loss of eye control, causing rapid vertical or horizontal eye movements.