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Why is the year 622 important to Muslims?

The year 622 was and still is important to muslims, because this was the year Muhammad fled Mecca to escape from religious persecution.
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What is the importance of the year 622 for Muslims?

Year 622 AD is the year of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigration (or Hijra) from Mecca to Yathrib (later called Medina) per God command to him and upon God information to him th (MORE)

What is choral reading?

choral reading is when the students read out loud to everyone   Choral reading or speaking is simply reading or speaking in unison under the direction of a leader. Choral s (MORE)

What does Wer ist dein Freund oder deine Freundin?

Freund can be translated as boyfriend or male friend Freundin can be translated as girlfriend or female friend so depending on context the sentence can be translated as: Who i (MORE)
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What does choral mean?

Related to and for a choir or chorus / to be performed by such a group
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24's on a 96 impala?

  yes you can. no problems just get the right offset. most companys will know the offest. i have one im bagged and laying frame on 24" before i bagged it i had a 2" drop a (MORE)
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What is a ganser mensch?

It is Yiddush. A giant mensh...a mensch among mensches. Mensch  literally means man, however, in its usage, it means a combination  of a gentleman, and a thoughtful, kind, h (MORE)

What is the History of Brandenburg Concertos BWV 1046 51?

Bach sent the Brandenburg Concertos as a "calling card" introduction to the Margrave of Brandenburg, whom Bach wanted a job with. This was a standard practice of the time - to (MORE)

How do you spell choral?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "choral" (pertaining to a chorus or group of singers). Also used to mean music that is sung. The related word is chorale, a hymn (MORE)