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What is the distance from Oakland to Fremont California?

Again California is blessed with more than one location honoring John Charles Freemont. We have a:   # Fremont in Alameda County which is 36 miles from Oakland, a  # Fremo (MORE)

What is the distance from Oakland airport to sonoma California?

The geographical distance between OAK and Sonoma is 41 miles. The driving distance between these two places depends on the route you take, which should be carefully examined b (MORE)

This body of water is near Oakland California?

The Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, and the Sacramento River are all bodies of water that are near Oakland, California.
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How far is it from Oakland California to Maui Hawaii?

The distance from Oakland, CA to Maui, HI is 2,347 miles. If you're planning on flying there, it takes about 4 1/2 hours. However, most flights stop at Honolulu first, and thi (MORE)

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