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Who is big spence?

Big spence is the stage name for Spencer Schneider. Some say he is the most atractive man alive. He is a driveing force in his church basketball league where he is the startin (MORE)

What kind of simple machine is a rowing oar?

It's a 2nd order lever. Water is pivot, boat is load, arm is effort. An oar is a lever
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What is skipping reading?

It is the kind of reading in which we focus on the main point while we skip the reading full paragraph. we don't read whole sentence in skipping reading.
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Is skipping a sport?

Yes, because you jump, run, walk etc when you skip. exact same as if you were playing soccer or rugby etc.
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Is skip a verb?

Yes, skip is a verb. It means to jump lightly over or to miss an event.
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What is the blade of an oar called?

A rowing oar is made up of several parts. You have the handle, which could be wood (I prefer the grip of this), plastic or rubber. This is for either one or two hands dependin (MORE)
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What is the traditional wood for making rowing oars?

  Sadly, the best oars are made of carbon fibers today. They aren't as beautiful, but they last longer and require less maintenance.     In racing shells, in the U (MORE)
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Where doess Spence Pratt get his money from?

His father is a celebrity dentist or some sort of medical person. That's why he has so much money.
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