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Is oats fattening?

Oats can be fattening if you eat to many of them but if you eat the serving size they are very good for you to eat. Oats will help you keep a balanced diet and they keep you f (MORE)

What is an OATS procedure?

Hi Firstly Oats is an abbreviation for Osteoarticular Transfer System and it is used for treating focal cartilage defects mostly in the knee. I am having this same procedure c (MORE)

Why are oats good for you?

They arent good for you as such. This is just another passing fad claim by the medical community. Like most other foods they arent bad in moderation however there is NO sc (MORE)

How do you cook oats?

First, you take the oats out of the container. Next, you put the oats with milk or water (pick one) into a pot on the stove. Turn up the heat (depends on how hot you like your (MORE)

What rhymes with oat?

    boat, coat, dote, goat, moat, note, quote, wrote, groats, vote,  
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When are oats harvested?

Oats are harvested when they have turned a golden-brown colour and  the seeds are hard when a farmer tries to squeeze the seed in  between their fingers. This is when this c (MORE)