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What is oat hay?

The dried stems and leaves of the oat plant after the oats have been harvested, to use as bedding or feed for livestock.

Why are oats good for you?

They arent good for you as such. This is just another passing fad claim by the medical community. Like most other foods they arent bad in moderation however there is NO sc (MORE)

What is an OATS procedure?

Hi Firstly Oats is an abbreviation for Osteoarticular Transfer System and it is used for treating focal cartilage defects mostly in the knee. I am havi (MORE)
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Does popcorn have oats in it?

Popcorn usually does not have oats in it. Popcorn is just corn and some oil to cook it in and and usually has salt added after cooking. However, there are many combination of (MORE)

Are oats renewable?

Yes. Just plant some of the oats harvested from the previous season, and they will grow to produce a whole new crop of their own.

What is an oat meal?

Its an oatmeal oatmeal is something you add it on soup or macaroni or at anything else from bread group its Jop is to add a color on your food or add a delicous test on it (MORE)

What is wild oat?

Wild oat (Avena sativa ) is a member of the grass family native to Scotland. There are approximately 25 varieties of the oat plants, and oat is now grown throughout the world. (MORE)