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Where is oat grown?

Oats are grown in the Midwest at Big Springs, Nebraska.They grow there because they have lots of sunlight there.Which is good for them.

Can you not cook oats?

I once ate raw oats. they were very difficult to chew and weren't very nice at all. I should think eating uncooked oats all the time can't be very good for you. I would re (MORE)
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Who was Titus oates?

Titus Oates (15 September 1649 - 12/13 July 1705) was an English perjurer who fabricated the "Popish Plot", a supposed Catholic conspiracy to kill King Charles II.

What do oats do for horses?

First of all, horses LOVE oats, so they enjoy eating them. Oats are also used to give a horse more energy for working horses and supplements and sometimes dewormer is often mi (MORE)

What are the contributions of oats?

Oats are very good for a person, you get serving of whole grains and intern you get much needed fiber. Oats are also a very good source of selenium. Oats will make you calmer. (MORE)

What is oats in Tamil?

It is Kaadai Kanni ( காடைக்கண்ணி ) or a kind of rice pullarisi ( புல்லரிச஠(MORE)

What is the history of oats?

Oats did not become an important food crop as early as wheat or barley. Modern oats probably originated from the Asian wild red oat. Because Asia Minor currently has the most (MORE)