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Is obesity bad?

Yes, being overweight can adversely affect many body functions and can cause permanent diseases, such as diabetes. It can affect the heart, the stomach and colon, circulation, (MORE)

Where is help if you are obese?

The best place without much ado is an orthodox medical hospital where you could be given a wholistic approach as the effective long term management of obesity is multidiscipli (MORE)

What is obesity AND diabetes?

Type II diabetes is accompanied by obesity (perhaps causes the obesity), but not all instances of obesity are with diabetes.
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What is a soloution for obesity?

The best solution for obesity is to eat nothing but whole foods. Processed foods contain additives that cause obesity. These same additives are in all fast food and almost all (MORE)

How do you spell obesely?

Obesely is an adverb and you've spelled it correctly. Use caution, however, with linking this adverb to a similar meaning string of words. For example, Sally was very ob (MORE)
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What is obesity-?

Obesity means having too much body fat. It is not the same as beingoverweight, which means weighing too much. A person may beoverweight from extra muscle, bone, or water, as w (MORE)