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What is an 'obfuscated virus'?

Answer . "obfuscated" just means "hidden". The virus was written in a way that makes it difficult to find, allowing it to hide in your computer. Detecting those types of v (MORE)

What does obfuscate mean?

To obfuscate means to make something unclear, to make something confusing especially by making it more complicated. A joke sentence using the word would be: Eschew obfuscatio (MORE)

What is obfuscation?

confusion Obfuscation means concealment . In programming it is used for source code protection, for example. You can read more about obfuscation in the internet, f.e. here: (MORE)

What is obfuscation of source code?

Obfuscation of source code is the practice of formatting the code to be difficult to understand. It also makes it difficult to support. Since source code development and suppo (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the word 'obfuscate'?

The meaning of the word obfuscate: obscure, unclear, unintelligible, confuse, difficult to understand. For instance, to complicate something and make it less clear.