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What is an 'obfuscated virus'?

Answer . "obfuscated" just means "hidden". The virus was written in a way that makes it difficult to find, allowing it to hide in your computer. Detecting those types of v ( Full Answer )
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What does obfuscate mean?

To obfuscate means to make something unclear, to make something confusing especially by making it more complicated. A joke sentence using the word would be: Eschew obfuscatio ( Full Answer )
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What is an obfuscated URL?

An obfuscated URL is a type of URL in a browser. This URL is madeto look similar to a legitimate URL but part of it is concealed.
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What is obfuscation?

confusion Obfuscation means concealment . In programming it is used for source code protection, for example. You can read more about obfuscation in the internet, f.e. here: ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence that contains the word obfuscate?

A 'sentence' can mean two things: 1. A discrete collection of words or utterances relating to the same subject. 2. A legal punishment. Since I know of no standard legal ( Full Answer )
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Can you Use obfuscate in a sentence?

The illusionist was obfuscating because he did amazing tricks that nobody had ever seen. Your Welcome
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What does eschew obfuscation mean?

It means, avoid being confusing or unclear. The statement "eschew obfuscation" which many people (due to a limited vocabulary) would find confusing and unclear, is intended i ( Full Answer )
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What is obfuscation of source code?

Obfuscation of source code is the practice of formatting the code to be difficult to understand. It also makes it difficult to support. Since source code development and suppo ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the word 'obfuscate'?

The meaning of the word obfuscate: obscure, unclear, unintelligible, confuse, difficult to understand. For instance, to complicate something and make it less clear.
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What is the meaning of obfuscate?

Obfuscate is when you purposely obscure, hinder or make something hard to understand. It is also when you attempt to bewilder.