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What common method of obfuscation is used in most real world SQL attacks?

The ASCII HEX Encoded/Binary String method of obfuscation has been  very popular, although there are new methods that have been  suggested. By using the ASCII HEX Encoded/Bi (MORE)

What does obfuscate mean?

To obfuscate means to make something unclear, to make something confusing especially by making it more complicated. A joke sentence using the word would be: Eschew obfuscation (MORE)

What is an 'obfuscated virus'?

  Answer   "obfuscated" just means "hidden". The virus was written in a way that makes it difficult to find, allowing it to hide in your computer. Detecting those ty (MORE)
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How many permutations in obfuscation?

If you mean permutations of the letters in the word "obfuscation", the answer is 1,814,400.
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