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What does subjective and objective?

Subjective comes from the subject e.g how do YOU feel about an event?(Internal) Objective refers to matters/ objects outside of yourself (External) If you are thinking object (MORE)
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Subject-transitive verb-indirect object-direct object?

The teacher gave the students a test. However, I would call this verb ditransitive because it has two objects. A ditransitive verb has an indirect object and a direct object (MORE)

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Would you Give me two examples of the second pattern subject-verb-direct object?

Verbs with a Direct Object   A verb with a direct object is one which refers to something specific in the sentence. Two examples are:   They won the game. "Won" refers t (MORE)
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What is the object of a verb?

The object receives the action of the verb. There are indirect and direct objects. A verb is an action word, a noun is an object. In the sentence "John ran to school." the ver (MORE)
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Some examples of this structure subject plus transitive verb plus indirect object plus direct object?

Some examples of verbs that can be used in the structure:   [subject] [verb] [indirect object] [direct object]   * bake - He baked her a cake.  * make - He made her a (MORE)
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The object of the verb is?

The object/purpose of the verb is to tell what someone is doing OR The thing/person that receives the action of the verb. eg The dog ate the meat. If you ask the questio (MORE)
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Can a verb be a subject of another verb?

well i don't know if it can be a subject but i know it can be a adverb like if you were saying......."she quietly looked at..... QUIET is a verb that describes the verb LOOK (MORE)