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What is your objectives?

You could have a great many different objectives to choose from.You may aim to earn a lot of money for example.
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What is an object?

An object is an instance of a class. To understand what is meant by an instance here is a small example.\n. \nif we have a class Person as\n. \nclass Person{\npublic String (MORE)
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What is an objective?

Something that one's efforts or actions are intended to accomplish. Unless you are thinking of a military reason which would be a position to which forces are directed.
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What are the objectives of WHO?

To work towards the realization of full employment, expansion of production and trade as well as the optimal use of the resources of the world so as to raise the income level (MORE)
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What are objects?

Objects are the heart of the object-oriented technology. If we think of an object in the real world, such as car, then we can describe a car by its state and its behavior. The (MORE)
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What were the objectives?

They are a list of challenges or simple things that earn you great prices when you complete them.
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What is objectively?

It is a way of viewing something from a fact based perspective; not influenced by personal opinion.
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What are objectives?

An objective is a goal that a person hopes to achieve after doing aset of tasks or one task. For instance, the objective to going tothe store might be to purchase potato chips (MORE)
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What is to object?

To object something means to either reject or oppose something.To object is a verb that means to disagree or oppose againstsomeone or something.
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What is of object?

A milk bottle (or any other item) placed on a table is an object,as is the table.