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How are space probes to the outer planets such as Jupiter protected from being obliterated by collisions with asteroids in the asteroid belt?

They are not protected from collisions. What helps is that the average distance between asteroids is immense, such that one asteroid is not likely visible to the naked eye to (MORE)
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What is the Difference between lost and obliterated corners?

According to the 1974 edition of "Restoration Of Lost Or Obliterated Corners & Subdivision Of Sections a guide for surveyors: A lost corner is a point of a survey whose positi (MORE)
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How do you use the word obliterate in a sentence?

1. The bomb was designed to obliterate the shielding around a bunker. 2. Sam obliterated the competition in the singing contest with his angelic voice.
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What is a sentence for the word obliterate?

The girl had to pull up the weeds by the roots, to obliterate them, so that she could grow lettuce in her garden. He turned up the volume on his headphones to obliterate the (MORE)