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Why are boys so obnoxious?

Testosterone is to blame for a lot of the stupid ways that boys act and the things that boys do. Testosterone makes a boy feel as if he's right when wrong, big and strong when ( Full Answer )
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Why are people obnoxious?

A number of reasons: 1) They don't know any better. They are socially inept. 2) They figure that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and you get further by being obnoxious th ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of obnoxious?

The antonym of obnoxious (unpleasant, bothersome) would be amiable, agreeable, or pleasant, or (to a greater extent) charming, captivating. agreeable, charming, kind
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Why are teenagers obnoxious?

Would it be fair to ask, "Why are adults so judgmental?" When you stereotype teenagers (or anyone, for that matter), you're not allowing people to be themselves. Yes, some tee ( Full Answer )
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Why are halo fans so obnoxious?

There are no obnoxious people on Halo besides wannabe MLGs and kids who both suck horribly at the game then switch to Call Of Duty, thinking its so much better ad harder to pl ( Full Answer )
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What does obnoxious mean?

It usually applies to behavior, meaning unpleasant, boorish, orinsufferable. It means offensive or rude. To be extremely unpleasant
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How do you get back at an obnoxious ex?

Don't waste your time getting back at an obnoxious ex as they are not worth the skin they are in and it's a waste of energy on your part. You would be much wiser to get on wit ( Full Answer )
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Why is there obnoxious people?

well the reason people are obnoxious is because they want to be different or they just want to make friends with people.Or theya re in love with someone when they should just ( Full Answer )
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What type of person is an obnoxious pig?

a person who is annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff or attracting undue attention to himself/herself and tends to overindulge in eating, so as to become gluttonou ( Full Answer )
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What is meaning of obnoxious?

Something horrible or terrible in a very annoying way. A person can be obnoxious for example.