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How is salt obtained?

Salt can either be obtained from the sea or mined from undergroundsalt deposits. Traditional methods extract salt from sea or oceanwater by letting water evaporate and collect (MORE)

How do you obtain helium?

To get helium use fractional distillation of liquid air and it is also obtained from some oil fields in the USA especially.
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How is silver obtained?

Silver is found deep in the ground, so it must be mined. It isfound in Africa, as well as South America.

Francium was obtained from?

Francium can be obtained by the following nuclear reaction: 197 Au + 18 O = 210 Fr + 5 n
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How do you obtain density?

Density is the mass of an object divided by the volume the object occupies. D = m/v
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What is iron obtained from?

iron isn't 'obtained' from anything as it is a naturally occurring element.naturally it is found as an ore that needs to be purified such as haematite.usually for industrial u (MORE)
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How is bran obtained?

by taking off the outer layer this is what i think I HOPE I HELPED :)

How is agriculture obtained?

people began growing their foods by planting seeds and then harvesting and storing the food produced. This method allows us to have a food surplus.

Where and how did you obtain your Christian obtain?

I have been a Christian all my life and I think you are confused. Do you mean to ask: WHERE and HOW did you obtain your christian FAITH? Faith is a gift from God, Pray (MORE)