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What shape has 6 obtuse angles?

A hexagon has six angles. A regular hexagon has six angles and each one is equal in measure to 120 degrees. 120 degrees is an obtuse angle. Any regular polygon with at least (MORE)

Can an obtuse triangle have more than one obtuse angle?

No, an obtuse triangle can not have more than one obtuse angle. This is because all of the angles have to add up to 180 and the smallest obtuse angle you can have is 91 degree (MORE)

What is a obtuse triangle?

An obtuse triangle is one which has one angle that is greater than  90 degrees.
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What does obtuse mean?

The word obtuse means dull or blunt. In maths obtuse angles are  angles which are greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.   An obtuse angle?? Well an obtuse an (MORE)

Which angles are obtuse?

all angles that are more then 180 degrees.   * * * * *    No, angles which arer more than 180 degrees are called reflex  angles. An obtuse angle is one whose measu (MORE)